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Honestly, I can’t believe I did. But I had to.

I was spending more than 4 hours of screen time a day on Instagram. Just uselessly scrolling my life away *tears*

I’m going to be completely honest here. After deactivating my Instagram account I've been in such a better headspace…

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This week, I spoke to a few startup founders who shared a common obstacle: getting the copy write right.

When I graduated with an undergrad degree in Literary Studies, so many people in my social circle raised the question of how I would use my degree in a professional realm…

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I’ve read enough blog posts of all the things writers have learned by writing every day. Accountability, engagement, readership, conversion rate, better writing— the perks of publishing on Medium on a daily.

I’m writing this post to serve as the starting point of my journey towards writing every day. I have intended to do this many times but I have always been reluctant because to date my posts have always been readily thought out. The cons of doing that are that I’ll only publish my writing if I feel I have the perfect piece. And the process of perfecting writing is long.

Here I am, vowing to write every day because this is what I love doing. I have so much to share — so many experiences, stories, poetry, reflections. So it begins: journeying towards writing every day.

And trust me, there’s no place in the world that wants to see us as more than just a wife or mother.

The first time I told my father I wanted to get married there was immediate rejection. He was angry and disappointed. The feeling of hopelessness glared so evidently on his face that I felt guilty of even bringing it up. He wanted me to focus on my education and career…

Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877–1938)

On November 9th, people across Pakistan celebrate Iqbal Day. Iqbal Day marks the birthday of Pakistan’s national poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He is regarded as one of Pakistan’s founding father because he envisioned Pakistan to be a separate Muslim state. His poetry revolves around themes of reform, Islam and mysticism.

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It’s taken me 1.5 years to learn this the hard way. I’m here to tell you why you should parent in a way that makes sense to you as opposed to experimenting with everyone else’s opinions on what will work on your child.

As a parent, you don’t need to know everything.

I know many of us have the…

Rape culture is not a phenomenon unique to Pakistan. It’s been a crime which has affected women across the globe. Yet, whenever I hear of a rape case surfacing in Pakistan — it literally hits home. …

How sleeping less than 10+ hours gave purpose to my life.

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There is nothing I love in this world more than sleeping. It was only after becoming a mother that my sleep cycles were disrupted. Before that, no matter how hectic or busy my schedule was I made sure to…

Inspired by Yesika Salgado’s poem, What I Know.

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  1. when no one wants to hear you speak, you write
  2. love is worth fighting for
  3. lucky people get to travel the world
  4. too many opinions of others cloud your judgement
  5. how to enjoy solitude
  6. all the addresses I’ve ever lived at
  7. prayer…

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For many, death is a scary thing to think about. The word itself carries so much negative connotation that you don’t really imagine to think of it in a different light. Lately, I’ve been wondering what is it about death that makes human so vulnerable and afraid? I believe the…


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