Companies Need to Start Focusing on Copy Write

2 min readAug 2, 2021
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

This week, I spoke to a few startup founders who shared a common obstacle: getting the copy write right.

When I graduated with an undergrad degree in Literary Studies, so many people in my social circle raised the question of how I would use my degree in a professional realm. At the time, I was confused because let’s face it: no one values writers. People overlook the craft of writing by deeming it unnecessary. Truth is, every company needs a good writer.

I realized that if I wanted to write professionally my best bet was becoming a social media marketeer. I’ve had the opportunity to help startups write copy for blogs, landing pages, whitepapers, and social media. I still feel that so many companies don’t take copy write seriously. They don’t realize the benefits that good copy write can bring to the company.

Good copy write helps companies increase visibility. The sort of writing that is presented on a company’s website, social media channels, and blogs dictates the kind of customer base they’ll end up having. Too many times I’ve witnessed startups lose potential customers because their websites don't make sense or the product they’re trying to advertise is hard to understand on paper. Choosing the right words and getting a message across simply and effectively is a craft — a craft that writers have perfected.

Having a good writer as part of your team in a startup or company is vital to growth. People want to read things that are impactful. But more than that, they want to read things that are relevant and make sense to them. If you’re an early-day startup or a company that is struggling with creating the write words to generate growth or an audience, let’s talk! I’d love to offer advice on how you can create copy write that is impactful.


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