I Just Turned 29 — Here are 5 Things I’ve Learned The Past Year

6 min readMay 1
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My last year in my twenties and I can’t help but feel older and I guess a bit wiser. When I was younger, I had the notion that when one reaches 30 years, they are actually really old.

I don’t feel really old. But I do feel like time is fleeting and there is so much to accomplish. The months leading up to my twenty-ninth birthday have taught me some profound lessons about life, relationships, and religion. As I experience this multi-faceted thing called life, I recognize that each season brings about different circumstances. It’s the circumstances that ultimately define who you are and it is during testing times that specs of your personality are unveiled. I’ve learned so much about myself and those around me that I feel immensely grateful for experiencing the good and bad. After all, every experience serves a purpose and it really is up to us whether or not we seek the hidden messages of what befalls us.

So, here it is Everything I’ve learned over the past year.

Learn to Mind Your Business

I’m actually particularly good at this. But this year, I’ve struggled a bit with minding my own business. I’ve sort of tended to make everyone else’s business my own and in doing so, hurt some people really close to me. They say that ignorance is bliss and it truly is. I’ve realized that I don’t need to embrace other people’s battles. I can empathize and even sympathize with them, but to get involved and make myself a part of the problem is unnecessary. In Islam, there is an authentic Hadith that states:

Propher Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Verily, among excellence in Islam is for a man to leave what does not concern him.”

We may think we are solving a problem or making a situation better when in reality, the opposite is happening. Until requested, I’ve decided to stay away from everything that does not concern me.

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