If You Hang Around Gen Z, Tell Them About NFTs!

3 min readMar 16, 2022

When I was growing up, no one ever told me of all the side avenues to make money. There was just one way to be rich and successful — go to college and become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. While this still holds true for many people today, I want to emphasize the importance of valuing the unique skills of our youth, particularly in the realm of art.

The future is tech. I wish schools were teaching this. I wish the education system would revamp itself to a more realistic approach because, in all honesty, school sucks. I’d even go so far to say that school is a scam but that’s a conversation for another day. I’m here to iterate the importance of teaching our youth the value of their artistic and creative capabilities by showing them there are different avenues to give and receive value. NFTs is one of them.

For those who don’t know what NFTs are, below is a quick summary.


So basically, NFTs serve as assets that are irreplaceable. This is powerful because you hold ownership of your NFT which is documented on the blockchain ledger. I don’t want to get into the intricacy of blockchain and NFT because the jargon may be confusing but if you are interested in learning more about NFT and how it works here’s a helpful link.

I’m here to tell you why Gen Z should be learning and investing in NFTs. If you have someone in your family or social circle that falls in the age group to which Gen Z belongs, please empower them to discover this rewarding avenue of making money and channeling their creativity. I come across so many talented and artistic kids in my family who are unaware of the potential they hold simply because they are repeatedly told that it’s a struggle to make a career or a sustainable income being an artist. The NFT community allows artists to demonstrate their artistic capabilities not only through art but also through music, gaming, and even virtual fashion! Having this sort of community is not only encouraging for young artists but opens up a world of opportunity for them. Creating digital art to sell as NFT is not only a great way to make a portfolio but can bring about monetary rewards as well. Some teens have cashed in on NFT artwork worth MILLIONS of dollars.

The greatest investment that we can do for our youth is steering them in the direction we believe will be most fruitful. I have no doubts in my head that understanding the evolving changes in tech is beneficial to anyone, despite the age. But as far as NFT goes, I believe this is the right time for Gen Z to make their mark because if there’s any generation that has proven to be artistic and creative, it’s them.


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